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Termite Pest Control BloemfonteinTermites control and costs can be a big problem when they make a nest on your land, and they are also notoriously difficult to get rid of. These industrious creatures are commonly found in South Africa and can cause a great deal of damage. We are the experts in termite control in Bloemfontein and can help with all your pest problems, and we come highly recommended by a wealth of satisfied clients. For professional termite control and Costs Bloemfontein you should contact the professionals, and we will be more than happy to discuss your requirements.

Termites tend to establish large colonies, and while there are commercial products you can purchase that are designed to help get rid of them you are not guaranteed success. We use the best and latest techniques and equipment for our termite control procedures, and we are your best chance of getting rid of termites once and for all. As an established company in the pest control business in South Africa we are committed to ensuring that our customers get not only the best professional service, but also that they don’t have to pay an arm and a leg.

Our termite control experts have plenty of experience in the art of destroying termites, and we can also deal with all other types of pests including rodents. With a friendly and professional service that guarantees to help not only remove termites but to prevent them from returning we are the only name you need to remember in Bloemfontein, and we are waiting to hear from you right now. If you have termite problems, or any other pest infestations, get in touch with the best in the business and take advantage of our excellent service and great prices.

Our services include:


– Pre-construction termite treatment

– Termite wood pre-treatment

– Termite treatment for new construction

– Termite treatment slab foundation

– New home termite treatment

– Termite pretreatment products

– Termite pretreatment chemicals

– Pre-constructionon anti termite treatment

– Termite pre-treatments

– Termite pre-treatment to new structures

– Termite control

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